Project Light, a new 3D J-RPG inspired by the classics of the genre

"Project Light" (codename) is a 3D turn-based Japanese style RPG, set in a underground cyberpunk world ruled by a fierce empire. It is my second game, after the 3D arcade racing game Night Riders.

Developed using the popular game engine Unity (my first time using it), it is still at a prototype level. The final game will be released on computers (PC, Mac, Linux), mobiles (Android, iOS) and consoles (PlayStation Vita, OUYA for sure and if possible PS4, Xbox One and Wii U too).

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Here's some screenshots from the project. I will be updating this page along with the game's development, so please check it out regularly

August build, PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Mobile)

June build, PC

Mars to May prototype, PC

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