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Hi there and welcome to my gaming blog
Here you'll find news, reviews, exclusive videos and much more

I'll also take the opportunity to talk about my various works: Music, drawing, software and even home-made games

But who is baka-neko? Just one more fan of video-games, fond of Japan, music, drawing and coding. My first computer was a Thomson MO5 (8 bits CPU at an impressive 1 MHZ ) so I witnessed the evolution of the media throughout the ages, on computers, consoles and arcade machines.

Today, I'm 28 (well actually that was in 2010, this thing changes every year ) and have a long gamer's life that I want to share with you guys on this blog. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Contact informations:
E-mail: contact [at] baka-neko.fr
Twitter: bakanekofr
Youtube: bakaneko42
DeviantArt: kamui82

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